Pre-risen range

Launched at the turn of the 80s and 90s, ready to cook yeast dough products have significantly changed the habits of businesses, by also extending the possibility of use to a less professional pastry clientele.
Furthermore, the range and overall quality of the product is considerably different to what it was in the past, abolishing differences with yeast dough products, and in many cases overtaking them in terms of ease of use. Super Croissant, one of the first Italian companies to market pre-risen products, was already equipped in the early 90s with spiral rising ovens, then replaced them with new processes with customized programs in order to control the heat and humidity of the products. For our company the only problem that still arose in this type of product was the aftertaste of yeast which was very pronounced, especially if the product was not filled. However, after two years of research, Super Croissant developed leavening with lactic acid/milk enzymes, thus removing the yeast and sourdough taste, in order to offer its customers a product that maintained the taste of the raw materials we use. In the last year we have managed to increase the shelf life of pre-risen products by adding plant fibre.