Delivery and distribuction

Super Croissant, supported by its concessionary, which has spent almost fifty years in the hotel/bar/restaurant industry, has always been very clear on the needs of customers. For this reason, we have always sought a very professional partner for the distribution of our products. The collaboration with wholesalers that distribute throughout the country has always been very close and allows them and us to continue working in the best interests of us and our customers.

From a distributor, Super Croissant customers always expect a true and loyal relationship aimed at mutual respect and the certainty of always having a consistent product and a service which is both extensive and tailored.

Super Croissant has put in place a customer care service for the needs of wholesalers and their customers to ensure complete support for their needs, from technical documents to clarification of regulatory requirements that involve the entire chain right up to the end consumer, for a complete after-sale service.
In order to best help customers, Super Croissant has made agreements with national companies that manufacture equipment to help wholesalers with purchases at discounted prices. Among these is an agreement with Teknoeka for the sale and service of convection ovens. The service delivery to wholesalers uses highly reliable partners that allow us to reach you in every corner of Italy, including Svat Service SPA which has been assisting us for many years in terms of controlled temperature transport..



Our partners:


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