Ready to rise range

The milk enzymes, used as an adjuvant in the leavening process, guarantee furthermore that the product will have ‘large bubbles and a good structure’, both in the rising process of the yeast dough and the more traditional sourdough.

The low levels of yeast ensure the flavours of the raw materials that we use remain unchanged and the milk enzymes guarantee, furthermore, that the product will be bubbly, as well as maintaining its structure, which restricts the sinking of the product even in the presence of a non-optimal cooking process.

The finished product shows the other major function of milk enzymes: good digestibility. We wish to point out however that we use probiotic milk enzymes which should be lost in the cooking process, so our product is still a very healthy one.
This product range has been much reduced in the last 10 years with the arrival of ready to cook products, which for ease of use are most commonly used in public places.

Lovers of this type of product are still numerous however, particularly professionals who follow the product through all its phases and attend to it during the rising process based on the tastes and habits of their own customers.

For this very traditional range, Super Croissant has included milk enzymes as an adjunct in the rising process.